Exaltation, Joyfulness, and Happiness from Korea

Since our artwork is heavily focused on collaboration, many of the students have brought in people they've met on campuses to work in the studio. Thursday, we went out to campuses to do image surveys and invite people to join the creative process with us. We all took some kind of materials which we could work with around the city. My group prepared a large piece of paper with different areas of color mixing into one another. We spread it out on a large stone surface at Columbia University, and asked people to choose a color to describe their present spiritual life. We shared markers to draw or write our thoughts on the sheet. One tourist wrote, "Exaltation, Joyfulness, Happiness. From Korea" Other people drew symbols to describe where they were or what they hoped for. We took the conversation further with some, and all were invited to our exhibition.

[At Columbia University]

I got a call the other day from a high school friend named Katie. I didn't know that she lived here, but she found out I was here and called. A couple of hours later she was at our studio. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a major in illustration, so it was good to hear her thoughts on our work. It was another unexpected pleasant surprise.

[Ice Cream with Katie]

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