Crunch Time

Our exhibition opens this week, so we're stepping up our efforts.

[This is my work space at the studio on Tin Pan Alley]

[Detail of a painting I'm working on]

[Cameron Bunce developed this photo in the darkroom]

[Krissy, an architecture student, is designing a structure that will be part of our exhibiton]

[We all walked to the lumber store to get wood for the structure that Krissy is designing]


hake pagino said...

don't know if you've had your show or not so I'll post both options:

a.) hope it goes excellently.

b.) hope it went excellently.

I don't have to hope that you're having a good time though, cause that's kind of a given. you+new york+art doesn't spell anything less than "an adventure in life".

shalom brotha.

Chevalier said...

man, a crotts in the big apple. looks like nyc has inspired you tons! nice work seems to have come from it - i love the warms and cools in your self-portrait (man i sound like an illustration student)