At the Society of Illustrators...

On our project, we partner students with professional artists who seek to integrate their faith with their art. The idea is that everyone gets to know an artist who is working in the field they want to pursue.

This year, one of our mentors is a professor at a well known art school in the city. She has done a few art workshops with us. She has stressed the biblical ideas of excellence and purpose with our work. It has been good to get to know someone like her, because she has become respected and successful because she has not compromised what she knows to be true.

She is also a member at the Society of Illustrators. A couple of weeks ago, she asked if I would like to join her for lunch there. I don't think she expected the enthusiasm of my response. I have wanted to do that for some time, and was quite excited to have the opportunity just come up in conversation.

Friday, we met at the legendary member's only bar & lounge at the Society. Even the stairway is lined with original pieces by famous illustrators. We were treated to a stellar lunch, where there was plenty to choose from - steak, shrimp, salmon, ribs, lobster tail... (that's just the meat!) Also, there was a salad bar, fried plantains, and various vegetables. Since there was no limit, I sampled a few of the meat selections. We had good conversation, surrounded by great art - like a huge Norman Rockwell painting. I finished lunch off with pumpkin pie a la mode (one of my favorites).

[The Member's Only lunchroom]

After lunch, we rested and thumbed through some amazing old books in the Society's library. It was pretty surreal just hanging out in that place where the leaders of my field have conversed and met for decades. I didn't even have to ask for it!


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yes, SI plates...unfortunately, they were not giving them to me - or selling them.

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