Unreasonable Expectations

The T-Shirt Design

This week I've been working on a design for our project t-shirt and newsletter. One phrase that we wanted to feature is "Unreasonable Expectations." Our director, Ross, used this phrase when we first arrived, saying that we shouldn't put unreasonable expectations on ourselves for our 6 weeks here. I'm not expecting much from myself, but in this City of unreasonable expectations I've come to trust the Creator for unreasonable things. The drawing is meant to capture the busy hum of the Metropolis, and features N.Y.C. essentials like a bagel, a taxi, and pigeons. The three paintbrushes represent the tracks of the project: Bridges, Campus, and Arts. In the center of the image, it says "Seek the welfare of the city to which I called you." This comes from Jeremiah 29.

While working on the design, I had a pigeon visitor at my studio window.

Cameron has a fully equipped darkroom all to himself in Midtown Manhattan!

Nick, Travis, and Scoops in the studio

Sarah is immortalizing me as an icon in her series...


smeller said...

The "unreasonable expectations" (among many other elements) is so Hendrix. not only the banner but the phrase itself. I like the subtle dark blue to sepia grade. (is that dark blue or black? I can't tell on the computer)
what color Tshirt is it going on?

Jared said...

love the shirt, especially the cameos made by your friends and a Jew. over it i think shows a lot of maturity in your design style. like the carl. e smeller said, the grade is nice, too. glad to see/hear you're having such a good time. can't wait to hang out when you get back. much love, man. : )