first critique

On Saturday afternoon, we had our first critique. For the first round of art-making, the group paired up to collaborate on square boards. We also have two dancers, who performed what they have already choreographed. The theme was centered around a question from the survey we've been doing: "What image would you choose to describe God?" Thank Him, none of the paintings have a literal picture of God in them.

The students haven't fallen ill to what some call the Cross-Dove-Fish Syndrome. This describes the tendency within the Church to fall back on the overly ripe symbols we're so used to. This isn't to say that crosses and doves and fish don't have their place - they certainly carry important meaning within our tradition, but they also carry bad connotations for many people that will be seeing our work.

The pieces that have been created so far represent a variety of viewpoints on the image of God. They are personal, they are real, they are done well - that will carry the meaning much farther than a shopworn phrase or bumper sticker image.

Some of our girls collaborating on a painting

Our first critique

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