Campus Days

A view of Midtown from Hunter College

Two days per week, we go on campuses around the city to do our image survey, called Soularium, with college students. I lead a discipleship group, and I go with the guys from that group to do the surveys. Nick, Scoops, and I have been to NYU, City College, and Hunter College a few times. Some conversations have been brief, but we've found many people to be very open to sharing. Last week, one girl said "It's very interesting that you came up to me, because I've been processing what I believe lately." Most people are happy to have someone they can just talk to.

A couple of weeks ago, one of our groups did an image survey with a student at Columbia University. Later in the day, some folks from the Campus Track of our project happened to approach the same guy. He told them that it couldn't be coincidence, and that he felt like something greater was at work in the situation. After a longer conversation with our students, he told them he wanted to trust Christ.

My roommates are both on the Campus Track, and get to spend even more time in conversations on campus. It has been very encouraging to hear their stories. My roommate Mark is very gifted in initiating conversation and communicating the Gospel with people. Last week, I did some image surveys with him. When one girl explained her views questions about life using pictures, he connected the ideas that she presented and explained how the Gospel begins to answer her questions. She was very interested and we met her again yesterday to talk more.

Scoops doing an image survey with a German student at NYU

A collection of faces from my sketchbook

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