Amen for NYC...

In addition to the various aspects of ministry that we're doing here, we've been able to have some really fun New York experiences. Last week, the entire project saw "The Drowsy Chaperone," a Broadway musical that harkens back to Vaudeville shows of the 1920s. It was an excellent performance, with great music. I especially enjoyed hearing the tenor banjo in the orchestra.

[Winthrop kids at "The Drowsy Chaperone"]

On Saturday, the Arts Track staff drove out to Greeenport, which is a tiny village out on the end of Long Island. Our relaxing escape from the city started with a harbor tour on a small boat that was built for the World's Fair in Chicago at the turn of the 20th century. Our captain's name was Dave. He once sailed bigger ships in the Hudson River, but left the City to have a quieter life. We talked art and music, and had several common interests. As is turns out, he has played with R. Crumb, a famous Illustrator/Musician. Here's the kicker - he played with Laurens native Rev. Gary Davis in the 1960s. We've been working on a memorial for Davis in Laurens, and Captain Dave was very interested to help out.

This is Captain Dave, aboard "Glory"

The rest of the day was spent in small bookshops and laying in the grass by the water. Also, I followed the sweet familiar scent of coal to a small historic forge, where I watched the blacksmith work for a while.

The blacksmith in Greenport

Coming through the Midtown Tunnel as we returned to Manhattan

This week at our weekly celebration, Brandon began playing a worship song and then sang "Take Me Out to the Ball Game." Then he announced to the everyone that we all had tickets to the Mets game! So we loaded up on the train and went out to Shea Stadium for a major league evening.

Me with my roommates and Winthrop friend Charlotte

It's been really great to experience more of this wonderful city and watch others experience it for the first time.

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